Station information detail table
Station Korean Chinese Phone Address
Gaehwa 개화 開花 02-2656-0901 38, Gaehwadong-ro 8-gil, Gangseo-gu


The Station has the Main Office of Seoul Metro Line 9 Corporation and the main Depot and the only on-ground station among the 38 stations of Line 9. It connects to Gimpo Int'l Airport, Gaehwa Checkpoint, Mt. Gaehwa, Gaehwa Station Transfer Parking Lot, Gangseo Public Bus Depot, etc.

The main facilities

  • Structure : Island-type, 2 Floors, 2 Exits

  • Fire Protection : Fire Extinguishers (58), Indoor Fire Hydrants (12)

  • Elevators/Escalators : E/V(2), E/S(4)

  • AFC Equipment : Automatic Ticket Vending Machine (2), Automatic Addfare Machine (1), Deposit Refund Device (1), Automatic Gate Machine (10)

  • Others : Safety Control Room, Convenience Store, Attendant Lounge, Operator Lounge etc


Exit information detail table
Exit No. Area information
1 Gangseo Public Garage, Gaehwa Transit Transfer Center
2 Gaehwa-dong, Gaehwa Transit Transfer Center, Gaehwa 119 Fire House, Gaehwa 2 Community Security Center

Station information map


Convenient Facilities

Basic Convenient Facilities
Basic Convenient Facilities detail table
Convenience Cans vending machine Coffee vending machine Snack vending machines Instant Photos Tissue Vending Locker ATM Pay Phone Automated Petitioning Kiosk
1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 3 -
Disability/Senior Convenient Facilities
Disability/Senior Convenient Facilities detail table
Disability Restrooms Elevators Escalators Guiding Blocks Braille on Handrails
2 4