Seoul Line 9 operation

About Company

CSR shall be promoted as a part of the sustainable development strategies considering newly established socio-cultural norms for corporate to alleviate social instability such as economic polarization and poverty.
“A corporation’s conduct of social responsibilities in the community is like it gaining a licesce for Its business activities.”


“SL9, a true companion on your road for a better urban life”

CSR Activities

Samulnori program for the handicapped

Samulnori program

To help the handicapped build self-esteem and confidence, Head teacher of DASARANG and SL9 chose a genre of traditional Korean percussion music “SAMUL-NORI” as a music therapy because it has beat, rhythm and harmony from teamwork with vibrant body movements which can help handicapped people to release their stress in some way or other.

School Uniform Support

School Uniform Support

School Uniform Support has been our annual activities since 2009.
We present gift certificates of school uniform to encourage children from low-income household along the subway line 9 area.

Winter Kimchi Donation

Winter Kimchi Donation

Winter Kimchi donations for the single elderly & the disabled are done every year.

In-house Volunteer Club 아름다운 동행 9호선

사내 봉사동호회

In-house Volunteer Group [아름다운 동행 9호선] does volunteer work such as support for the disabled and low-income family, bake happiness(bread sharing) etc. to live together with underprivileged people.